How to Make Your Las Vegas Home More Modern

When it comes to cities known for their flash and glamour, few can compete with Las Vegas. Dating back to when the Rat Pack ruled the town, Vegas has always been a city of movers and shakers. It’s a city where style is just as valuable as all the money that’s on the line every night on the Strip. If you call Las Vegas home, you know that your house is an extension of your individual style and a signifier of your success. The bottom line is it’s important to have high end furniture in Las Vegas. No doubt you’ve put a lot of time and money into you house. But, styles change. If your house has had the same look for years or you’ve been contemplating a home make over, now is a great time to look into how you can make your home look more modern. Tastes are subjective, of course, but at least one of these suggestions is bound to get your creativity flowing. Let’s explore some of the looks to try when furnishing a modern Las Vegas home.

Relaxation: Modernized

Let’s start with an important point: a house isn’t just for looking good. It’s also a place where you kick back and relax after a long day. It might be after a long day of work or play, but either way you’re going to want to put your feet up in style. When you hear the word “recliner” what’s the first thing you think of? Maybe a big La-Z-Boy chair? They’re comfy, sure, but maybe not exactly the look you’re going for here. Luckily, recliners have come a long way and come in much sleeker looks. Take, for example, a recliner by Natuzzi. These tasteful, Italian made recliners are very chic and bring a sense of classy modernism to any living room. If there’s one thing that Italians do exceptionally well (other than food, of course) it’s leather. And stylish leather at that. These casual, but chic, recliners with matching footrests are the perfect marriage of comfort and contemporary design.

As for décor, contemporary art is always a popular choice. Hanging select pieces from the walls gives an air of sophistication and makes for good conversation. If you have the space, you may even consider a sculpture. Don’t be afraid to use books in the home as decoration pieces, either. While the library look (think shelves of vertically placed books) has something of a timeless appeal, it’s also been done. Try using horizontally stacked books to add some character to a room. If you really want something eye catching, arrange them by color patterns.

Work in Style

It’s not always about kicking back. Sometimes you have to get down to business, even at home.

Or maybe, you just like a designated space to surf the web and read. No matter what reason you would want an office space, there is an opportunity here to modernize the look of the room. Consider a desk made by BDI. These desks are the definition of modern. They’re minimalist, comprised of sharp angles and just enough space to be functional while also unobtrusive. The pairing of clean looking steel with subdued wood accents can make any home office feel like there should be a boardroom down the hall.

When decorating your office, keeping it free of clutter is key. Nothing distracts like mess. However, an upholstered chair or small sofa would make a nice addition for when you need to get away from the screen. Lighting the room with table lamps is great way to keep the ambience while also saving your eyes from the harshness of overhead lights combined with prolonged looking at a screen.

Dining and Entertaining

The dining room is a great place to make a stylistic statement because of the social aspect to the room. This is where you do your entertaining both informally and, perhaps more often, formally. Therefore, you’re going to want to have a modern dining set to signal the kind of taste you have to your guests. Much like with the above office suggestions, minimalism is best. This is especially true when it comes to tables.  Alf Italia makes a variety of attractive dining room table options. Though they make classic tables, their modern designs are a step above. 

Their clean and simple dark oak tables offer function and a distinct look.

Using light and dark together can create a striking appearance. Pair a dark table with a glass bar cart or acrylic chandelier to temper some of the heaviness of darker furniture. Because you’re dealing with clear items, they’ll blend right in.

Ready to have your own modern palace in Las Vegas? With a few changes in furniture and lighting, you can transform your already magnificent house into an all new contemporary home that expresses your style.