Comfort Sleepers #Sale , and with More Open Hours!

+Furniture Market customers in the know have been raving about the new change in hours and can hardly believe that we'll soon be open on not just six - but ALL SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

This conversation literally happened just hours after the announcement leaked out to some lucky few:

[customer]: Ferme la bouche

[Furniture Market Rep]: No, seriouslyWe're expanding our hours this weekend to include Sundays so we can meet the needs of all our many customers.

[customer]: That's the best news I've heard since I heard about the amazing sale going on with American Leather Comfort Sleepers!

[Furniture Market Rep]: YesIt's a great sale, isn't itWith $300 off ANY Comfort Sleeper® and going on until September 27th, Comfort Sleeper fans everywhere are sure to have plenty of time to choose between the hundreds of options available to customize their next sleeper

[customer]: Thanks Furniture Market Man - I'll see you on Sunday!

It's conversations like these that remind all of us here exactly why we fell in love with the furniture and design business.'s for the people!

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