Create Your Own Home Theater

Take that small spare room you don't use or that family room that everyone seems to congregate in to watch TV and turn it into a full fledged Home Theater . You'll find it will bring the family together and building a space for bonding and fun. Here are some helpful tips for turning a small room into a home theater.


1. Choose the Right Room

If possible, choose a room that has the fewest windows and doors. More wall space means more shelving space and more options for where to hang the screen. Be careful to consider whose room the new theater room abuts. Placing it next to or above the babies room might not be the best place.

2. Incorporate Plenty of Shelving

If you're limited on how wide you can go with furniture, than go tall. Select wall units that go high that will accommodate your videos, speakers, and books while still maintaining a sparse neatness to the room. Less is better!

3. Clear the Area

Get organized and give-up on using this room as the catch-all storage room. Think about the last time you went to the movies. Were there end tables, lamps, magazine stands and other family related items about the theater? Of course not! It contained seating and a screen, which is after all why your there.


4. Create Theater Seating

Seating should be set up to create enough seating for the whole family while allowing everyone a clear view of the screen. A carpenter can easily build a two or three level platform for relatively little money. The platform would be secured to the floor or a wall to prevent it from moving and covered in simple carpeting. Depending on the space available, reclining sofas can be installed on each level to make a cozy yet inexpensive seating environment. Otherwise, individual theater seating can be installed allowing each viewer their own chair complete with cup holders and snack trays.



5. Stow the Gear Away

Exposed and tangled wires will make any room feel cluttered, disorganized and cramped. Use wire-ties to keep them neat and hide them from view behind the shelving unit. This will give the sense of having a larger room.

6. Break Out the Paint

Instead of a dark room, consider small wall mounted sconce lighting that can be controlled with a single dimmer switch. This will be easier on the eyes and avoid anyone falling in the dark. Next, paint the room a rich dark color such as burgundy, brown or dark blue. When combined with controlled lighting, you’ll be able to create the sensation of a much larger theater.

7. Get in The Mood

In a theater movie posters sells tickets! In your home theater they will create the illusion of being at the theater while setting the mood for a fun night of family viewing. Select a few of your favorite films and mount them in inexpensive frames to be secured to the wall. Select posters that are sized in proportion to the room, not too small or too large.

8. Hang-em High

Instead of using shelves or a media console for your television, mount the television on the wall to truly create a theater environment. Space it evenly on the wall so those seated in bottom row will only have to look-up slightly, while those in the last (higher) row will look horizontally even across the room. This will allow everyone to comfortably view the screen from any seat. Speakers should be hung either high on the front wall, or mounted high within the shelving unit for an unobstructed sound no matter where your seated. Sub-woofers work best when mounted low, closest to the floor. These can even be stored in the rear of the room.

The home theater doesn’t have to be gigantic to be a fun part of your family’s life. In fact, a small room, if painted well and set up strategically, can feel cozy and inviting.
It can also sound louder with stronger acoustics.