Tuscanizing Your Home

De-Tuscanization – The interior designers handbook refers to the De-Tuscanization (or de-Tuscanizing) of a home as ‘transporting the Italian Tuscan design theme home from the year 2002 into the modern age’. 

Of course, there is no such interior designers handbook, but if there was the topic of de-Tuscanizing a home would be one of the first topics discussed.  Whether you’re a realtor or an interior designer the thing on every home shoppers list is finding a home outside this once very popular design theme.  The Tuscan style home design fad reminds me of the heady days of Disco back in the 70’s.  It came in like a lion and left like a cheetah.  Fast!  In the interim, millions of homes were designed and built around this rustic but luxurious home decor featuring warm, earth-toned colors.  This is especially common in the home-boom areas such as Las Vegas and south-west.  

Although this faux-Tuscan-style décor that was all the rage a decade ago, not to mention the granite countertops, marble fireplace mantels, fancy millwork, and faux stone that were ubiquitous then – it all but screams 2005 to a younger generation of buyers, and they want nothing to do with it.   These are the same young people who have found their parents disco records and wonder ‘what the hell were they thinking?’  

The millennial home and furniture buyers who are reshaping the home market are taking their home décor cues more from the sleek minimal lines of the early 1960’s, styles that are more minimalist mid-century modern look.  These style cues are foremost in the contemporary furniture lines we carry at Furniture Market.


I think people are drawn to the mid-century modern style because it’s light, bright and has a simplified look with clean lines.   Our realtor friends tell us that "If buyers walk into a house built in 2005 with all that fancy Tuscan wood work, lavish stonework, granite countertops, they look at that and say we really have to gut this house."   The sleek, uncluttered look is appealing to younger buyers who aren't interested in spending the few hours they aren't working or chasing after children trying to keep up a house and furniture. 


Fortunately, De-Tuscanizing a home is a relatively inexpensive task that will give these homes a more contemporary look, starting with the furniture.   Our interior designers here at Furniture Market have become experts on this over the last few years.   

We can also be extremely helpful in this area if you are selling your home.  Home staging will help sell your home faster and at a higher selling price over outdated homes that compete with yours on the market. 

Transforming your Tuscan home into one that fits into the modern age may require having to do-away with a few favorite pieces of furniture, but the good news is that we have De-Tuscanized a lot of homes here in Las Vegas and once you get over the initial shock of seeing all that ‘brown stuff’ hauled away, you’re going to love your new home.