Furnishing the Life of Luxury in Las Vegas

There are few places in the world that have a claim to fame like Las Vegas, Nevada. Even if you’ve never even been to America, you know all about the bright lights and the history. Las Vegas, more so than many other cities, is an experience. It brings in thousands of people a year from all over the world to test their luck and have the trip of their lives. However, while Las Vegas welcomes tourists all year round, the city is also home to some of the most successful people in the region. In a city where big money is always on the line, Vegas natives like to live the life of luxury.


When it comes to entertaining, you’re probably thinking most of it will take place on the Strip. While this is true, that doesn’t mean you won’t be entertaining at your home on occasion. But, entertaining guests isn’t the only reason why so many homeowners are shopping for high end furniture in Las Vegas. A home is a place to make dreams become a reality. Your interior design is a big part of that. Beyond the aesthetic quality of high end furnishings and design, there is a lifestyle effect. Your décor can change your mindset, your mood, and feelings of success. Are you looking to update your home? Here are some suggestions for changing your style and designing your Las Vegas dream home.


The Great Outdoors

Before we even get to the interior decorating, let’s start with outdoor furnishings. Depending on your individual set up, this may be the first thing your guests see. Even if it’s not, you’ll probably be doing a lot of your entertaining out here. There’s nothing like some drinks outside on a cool night. Simple, minimalist wood furnishing is ideal for the outdoors. It’s traditional, but timeless in its effect. It gives an air of being casual and comfortable. It’s perfect for cocktail parties or just relaxing by a fire pit. Because there will be a lot of socializing out here, your primary purchases will most likely be related to seating. Look for cleanly designed, unobtrusive chairs with neutral colored cushions to compliment the wood motif. Your guests comfort is paramount, of course, but that doesn’t mean you need to deviate from your style. Tables can be equally sleek. Aim for smaller tables that act as a place to keep food and drink rather than huge set pieces that take up a lot of room.


The Living Room

The living room is another place where entertaining is something you’ll have on your mind. Leather furniture is always a popular choice when it comes to the living room. No matter the year, it feels modern. Granted, not all designs are created equal. Some leather couches do look like the year they were made in. However, as a material, it is always a go to in contemporary interior design. Depending on the size of your living room, you’ll be looking at either sofas or sectionals. If you’re always having visitors fly into town to experience Las Vegas, you may opt for a sectional with fold out beds. For a compromise choice, a simple sleeper sofa with accompanying chairs or recliners will also suffice. There’s no need to stick with leather, either. If that doesn’t fit your vision, there are many modern fabric looks to choose from.


Cooking & Dining

Your kitchen and dining areas are where you can let loose a bit with your creativity. When someone describes “modern” furniture, and you’re shopping for it for the first time, kitchen décor is what may come to mind first. With an emphasis on sleek steel and minimal adornments, it gives off a very clean feeling. Considering we’re discussing the kitchen, that’s probably a good thing! After all, you want furnishing that requires little upkeep and will be okay constantly surrounded by food. Here you may opt for bar stools for guests to enjoy a pre-dinner drink. Dining tables come in many different styles. You can stay with the industrial, steel theme or opt for glass to keep things feeling clean, but with added variety. Be sure to also consider what kind of storage options you’ll want in your kitchen for your cooking pans, food, and items for entertaining.


Have any ideas coming to mind? If you hadn’t planned on redecorating your home lately, maybe it’s time to take on a project. While we’ve covered large portions of your home here, perhaps you’re just looking to do something with your kitchen. Few things can be as satisfying as changing up the look of a place you spend most of your time in. Treat yourself to that outdoor chair set. The enjoyable nights you have with friends and family out there will make the investment worth it.