Stressless, everything you need to know.

For those who have never seen or experienced Stressless Recliners and Sofas, you may be wondering what the excitement is all about.  After all it’s just another chair, right?  Wrong!  If you already own one than you are familiar with the Nirvana-like state of comfort and relaxation they provide.

If you haven’t made the leap yet, Stressless recliners are simply the most comfortable seating arrangements of all time.  We agree that is a pretty strong claim to make, so we’re here to explain.

Stressless recliners go far beyond any other recliner you’ve ever known in terms of comfort, style, and craftsmanship.  That’s why you’ll not find Stressless Chairs and Sofa’s at the big box stores that specialize in cheap, disposable furniture for the masses.   Stressless chairs are engineered with the finest precision to create the most comfortable seating on earth. Plus, superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials mean these chairs are built to last a lifetime and therefore carry a premium price.  Think of it as not so much as buying a chair, as investing in long-term comfort and durability.  With that said, Stressless isn’t for everyone.

So what makes Stressless Recliners better than any other?  The quick answer is the unmistakable Scandinavian style, surprisingly convenient features, and the unmatched quality of construction.

But if you really want to dig deeper, we’ve broken it down for you.


1. Highly-Engineered Ergonomics

Engineers who design high-end furniture know they have tough standards they have to adhere to.  Like the elite engineers who are responsible for making famous German luxury cars the best in the world, Stressless engineers have a similar role. If they don’t do their job right, nothing else matters.  From the very beginnings of the company back in 1934, when German machines were imported to Scandinavia to create the very first line of Stressless furniture, the brand has always signified the ultimate in quality engineering.

What that mean for you is cloud-like comfort like you’ve never experienced before in any chair or sofa. Combining the latest in ergonomics research with solid principles of anatomical design to accommodate the mechanics and scale of the human body at rest, the engineers who design the foundation and structure of Stressless furniture set the highest standards for themselves. Only the best will do, and perfection is the goal.


 2. Reclining System that Effortlessly Responds to Your Body

The craftsmen who engineer Stressless furniture have done their job so well they’ve created a recliner that automatically adjust to your body weight, allowing you to shift positions with hardly moving a muscle.   The recliner responds to the movement of your body weight and automatically adjusts to the position you desire without any levers to pull or buttons to push.  It’s like having a recliner that reads your mind.

How it work is that each Stressless recliner comes with Stressless Glide® wheels that can be adjusted to the setting you desire. Once you’ve chosen your setting, the recliner does the rest.  Next, the ErgoAdapt™ system will automatically position the seating angle the instant you sit down.

Then, the Plus® System kicks in that enables your Stressless recliner to automatically position the seat to support your head and neck.  It also adjusts to the perfect lumbar position so you feel almost as if you’re floating on water.  It’s why this incredible line of sofas and chairs is called “Stressless”. Using the natural form and movement of your own body, the seating system responds to provide support and comfort on a whole new level.

3. Dreamlike Comfort

Once you’re settled in, you won’t believe how comfortable Stressless recliners really are. Part of the reason is the effortless reclining system but it’s also the construction of the furniture. The craftspeople who design and produce Stressless recliners are considered innovators of comfort. Form follows function, and the function of a recliner is to make you as comfortable as you’ve ever been.

It’s not just the ergonomics or the effortless reclining action, it’s also the trademarked Comfort Zones™ that features perforated, super-thick foam cushions that guide you to the most comfortable position allowing your body to sink into perfect comfort every time.


4. Unbeatable, Timeless Style

These premium luxury recliners aren’t just heavenly to sit in, they’re exceptionally beautiful to look at as well. The refined design of a Stressless piece hearkens back to the company’s Scandinavian roots, where simple lines and streamlined silhouettes set the tone.  It’s a clean, modern look that fits into any decor, any home, and style and any taste.


5. Premium Materials

If you’re going to put all that into creating the most comfortable chair on earth, it would be foolish not to use the absolute best in materials available to ensure that it lasts.  That’s why they only use gold-standard components from top to bottom such as:

  • Only Top-grain supple leather is used so that has a uniform look which is so important in the design of Scandinavian furniture.

  • Solid beech plywood, which gives a strong, long-lasting wood frame.

  • A rock-solid interior support system made possible by a single steel rod frame. No welding and no screws are used on the frame, just one single steel rod that’s expertly formed to the perfect shape by a unique cold bending process.

  • Much like a premium quality mattress, Stressless is characterized by an internal system of individual springs. These springs are what make possible the superior lumbar support you’ll come to love.


6. Long-Lasting Value

High-quality materials are great create long-term value, the kind that creates legacy pieces for new generations.  For example, the single steel rod in every Stressless chair or sofa is part of why these pieces last so long. The result of those premium materials like beech, top-grain leather, and steel creates furniture so strong and durable, you’ll be able to hand it down for many generations.

Top grain leather also adds to the long-term value of Stressless furniture due to its incredible durability that possesses amazing elasticity.  It’s also more stain-resistant than other types of leather making it look new for many years to come.

The solid beech frame is typical of high-end furniture that’s built to last for generations. It’s part of the reason why you’ll see vintage Stressless pieces for sale on eBay at prices well over a thousand dollars!

7. Options Galore

Not only can you find seemingly endless styles to match your home decor and your taste, you can also find design options to match your body’s needs.  Choose from 4 types of leathers, 10 styles of fabrics, and 7 colors and finishes. 

8.  Customized Sizing

Stressless knows that people come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why they produce their recliners in three sizes and adjustable two-way headrests that can be set to match the angle and the height of your body.

The best way to find your true fit is to visit Furniture Market’s Stressless showroom and try them all for yourself.  Here our designers will be able to answer your questions and find the perfect Stressless recliner that’s perfect for you in every way.

Furniture & Design Trends We’ll see in 2019

With 2019 upon us, it’s time to examine the furniture and design trends that are shaping the look of home décor. A few 2018 styles will stay with us through 2019 and remain strong, while many design trends we’ve see in past decades are returning as more designers look to infuse the personality of their clients into their living areas.

But through it all, modern-contemporary designs continue to grow in popularity and promise to be with us for some time to come.  Here are a few trends that I believe are worth watching for 2019.

 Natural Materials

While high-tech designs were big in 2018, many of our clients have been seeking more natural looking materials in their homes. Stone, wood and even concrete are all on-trend in 2019.

Retro Chic

We’ve seeing a return to retro colors and shapes, particularly those from the ’1960s and ’70s.  Some of this retro styling is showing up in the form of low, curved throwback furniture and fabrics that are rich in texture and detail.  ‘Boho Chic’ remains quite popular and fits in perfectly with emerging retro trends.

 Multi-functional Furniture

With the rise in Millennial’s seeking-out urban living so has the demand for flexible furniture that serves more than one purpose, takes up less space and is easy to move.   Expandable tables, fold-out movable bars and modular sofas are just a few of the furniture pieces whose popularity will continue to grow in the coming months. These are perfect solutions for those with small apartments or tight living quarters.  It also appeals to people embracing minimalism and clean lines in smaller, more affordable homes.


Art Deco

Despite a move toward smaller living spaces, many people still enjoy the look of luxury and glamour in their homes and apartments. This has created a renewed interest in Art Deco design, which I believe will become quite popular in 2019.

 More Metal

Metal of all types and colors will continue to be a prominent feature in 2019 interiors, especially in fixtures, furniture, and accent pieces. The primary difference this year will be an increase in the use of copper, brass, and blackened metals although polished nickel and stainless steel will likely remain as tried and true favorites.

 Cozy, Comfortable Beds

I can say with complete confidence that a great many of my clients list their bed among their favorite furniture items in their home. More than just a place to sleep, a bed provides a sense of comfort and safety, thus creating the ultimate oasis for relaxation. At Furniture Market we continue to see more beds featuring plush headboards and footboards covered in comfortable upholstery. Canopy beds which were the rage just a few years ago in the ‘Tuscan-era’, have been growing in popularity again as the trend toward cozier bedrooms continues to grow.  Gone are the massive wood posts and chunky ornate headboards, being replaced with modern sleeker materials such as clear acrylics and finished metals.


Bold Colors

Although light blushes and timeless black and white furnishings are still in style, many furniture designers, including the prestigious European manufacturers are getting more adventurous with their color choices.  In 2019 we’ll see greater use of more bold colors such as deep greens, striking yellows, brunt orange and tonal reds. 


Long-term Durability

In the last decade the demand for more eco-friendly and sustainable products has emerged in many industries, including home furnishings.  Buyers are looking to see the products they purchase last longer and less ‘use and dispose’.  This concept makes quality high-end furniture more attractive and more long-term affordable than it did in the past.     

Furniture or Design?

We approach each challenge the same way, “it’s really all about the client.”  People who know us come to Furniture Market because of our reputation for high-end luxury furniture and expert interior designers.  Some visit the showroom just to catch an inspirational vibe.  They come looking for a creative experience that will both inspire and inform them on their home furnishing project.  Naturally if they want to just buy a chair, sofa or bed they can do that, but it’s not usually the type of store traffic we get.

More often we are seeing people who are embarking on a new room design or they are having a new luxury home built and want the entire home furnished and don’t know where to start.  In the case of the later we can take care of everything by working with the owner and their architect to ensure that home conforms to the furnishing theme and vise-versa. 


Visitors to Furniture Market also come to the showroom to find accessories and the latest art pieces, things that they would not be able to find anywhere else.  That is just one the things that makes Furniture Market unique.  Every item in the store has been carefully selected to be thought-provoking, visually creative and unique.  People often come to me to push the envelope within their genre, to discover their taste and style and transform it into a livable, functional home design.  We just don’t fill spaces with attractive furniture or place a sofa in a certain spot because it will fit that sofa.  On the contrary, for every piece we place in every room there must be reason why its there.  It’s placement within the room must complete ‘the story and feel of the design’ as well as play off the design of the home and the natural light available.  

I believe it’s our commitment to the art of interior design as well as the client that keeps them coming back and referring us to their friends.            

Tuscanizing Your Home

De-Tuscanization – The interior designers handbook refers to the De-Tuscanization (or de-Tuscanizing) of a home as ‘transporting the Italian Tuscan design theme home from the year 2002 into the modern age’. 

Of course, there is no such interior designers handbook, but if there was the topic of de-Tuscanizing a home would be one of the first topics discussed.  Whether you’re a realtor or an interior designer the thing on every home shoppers list is finding a home outside this once very popular design theme.  The Tuscan style home design fad reminds me of the heady days of Disco back in the 70’s.  It came in like a lion and left like a cheetah.  Fast!  In the interim, millions of homes were designed and built around this rustic but luxurious home decor featuring warm, earth-toned colors.  This is especially common in the home-boom areas such as Las Vegas and south-west.  

Although this faux-Tuscan-style décor that was all the rage a decade ago, not to mention the granite countertops, marble fireplace mantels, fancy millwork, and faux stone that were ubiquitous then – it all but screams 2005 to a younger generation of buyers, and they want nothing to do with it.   These are the same young people who have found their parents disco records and wonder ‘what the hell were they thinking?’  

The millennial home and furniture buyers who are reshaping the home market are taking their home décor cues more from the sleek minimal lines of the early 1960’s, styles that are more minimalist mid-century modern look.  These style cues are foremost in the contemporary furniture lines we carry at Furniture Market.


I think people are drawn to the mid-century modern style because it’s light, bright and has a simplified look with clean lines.   Our realtor friends tell us that "If buyers walk into a house built in 2005 with all that fancy Tuscan wood work, lavish stonework, granite countertops, they look at that and say we really have to gut this house."   The sleek, uncluttered look is appealing to younger buyers who aren't interested in spending the few hours they aren't working or chasing after children trying to keep up a house and furniture. 


Fortunately, De-Tuscanizing a home is a relatively inexpensive task that will give these homes a more contemporary look, starting with the furniture.   Our interior designers here at Furniture Market have become experts on this over the last few years.   

We can also be extremely helpful in this area if you are selling your home.  Home staging will help sell your home faster and at a higher selling price over outdated homes that compete with yours on the market. 

Transforming your Tuscan home into one that fits into the modern age may require having to do-away with a few favorite pieces of furniture, but the good news is that we have De-Tuscanized a lot of homes here in Las Vegas and once you get over the initial shock of seeing all that ‘brown stuff’ hauled away, you’re going to love your new home.